Konrad Black fabric Promo Mix

Einer der weltbekanntesten Clubs ist der Fabric ja sowieso schon. Aber der Podcast den die Jungs bringen, ist auch ständig aufs neue geil. So auch dieser neue Promo Mix von Konrad Black. Einfach mal reinhören und Interview hier lesen.

Konrad Black is no stranger to our disco, having appeared here multiple times before this time he’s representing the label we’ve had the pleasure of discussing a lot in our blog of late – Wagon Repair. Black, real name Todd Shillington, was born and raised in Vancouver but like Nathan and Mathew Jonson and Colin de La Plante (Hrdvsion, Midnight Operator and The Mole) has claimed Berlin as his new home. A perfect base for the creative operations of the label as well as his important role ‘Marshalling the Gnar’ amongst other duties…

DOWNLOAD: Konrad Black fabric Promo Mix


1. Raime – Retread – Blackest Ever Black
2. Electric Indigo – Phytoplankton (Rossella Remix) – Temp Records
3. Sutekh – Untitled (Track 8) – Periods.Make.Sense. – Force Inc.
4. Raudive – X-Rays – Macro
5. Geiger – Bambam – Areal
6. Benjamin Fehr – Stay at Home, Read a Book – Catenaccio Records
7. Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy – Elektra – Time to Express
8. The Timewriter – Wasteland – Neurotraxx Deluxe
9. Klartraum – India Express – Lucid Flow
10. Go Hiyama – Mathematical Accuracy (Norman Nodge Dub) – Perc Trax
11. Mike Parker – FWD (Donato Dozzy Remix) – Prologue
12. Lucy – Bein – Stroboscopic Artefacts
13. Staffan Linzatti – Absence_Of_Waypoints(Par_Grindvik_s_Brother_Next_To_You_Rmx) – Rrygular
14. Minilogue – Snake Charmer – Wagon Repair
15. Queen Atom – Merlin – Dumb Unit
16. Alessio Mereu – Epidemy (Par Grindvik’s Great Deep Love rework) – Amam Extra
17. Samuli Kemppi -Quantum Mechanics (P.A.S. Dub Edit) – Mote-Evolver
18. Raiz – Keep Secrets (James Ruskin Remix) – Droid Recordings

von  Willy